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Ignacio  Lobo (Chile)


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Perdida en Chiloe Iglesia de Quinchao

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Santa Maria de Achao 2

1976 – 1979: Graphic Design - INACAP , Chile.
1980: Drawing workshop -  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
1983-1984: Luis Lobo Parga Art workshop (Plastic Artist and Academic Director of Universidad de Chile).  
1985-1986: Experimental Art - Brazil

1987-2010: Itinerant Experimental Art workshops - Chile.
2009: Individual Exhibit - Alameda Art Center, Santiago, Chile.
2011- Collective exhibition, Hotel Hyatt, Santiago, Chile.
2011 Individual painting show- art gallery, Santiago, Chile.

Ignacio Lobo

Ignacio is an experimental autodidactic plastic artist, descending from a family of artists and art collectors.   
His love for art, especially for painting and, he adds, for life is felt as a solitary path in parallel with other lives, with ephemeral contacts that provide the possibility of receiving and giving every time they occur; just like life itself. To live life, not think about it or imagine it. He paraphrases this as follows:  “In this ambit intellectuality does not exist, comparison does not exist, only the discovery of the fathomless depth of our beings. Time does not exist, there is no path, only the moment exists, only now, a second felt/lived can connect us with something larger and more energetic than the smallness of what we believe is life. The light, the color, the forms, the signs, the transparency, only make sense based on a pictorial act actually experienced; the intellect betrays us, only the force of an incomprehensible ludic act is felt.”

The show

The show has to do with the “non-schooling” in the arts,  with letting ourselves feel,  it is giving expression to our ancestral signs that have guided our lives without trying to interpret them, only feel them, to interpret the reality arising from my center as an unconscious spectator of seriousness, of the secrets of life. It is like having a closed enigmatic  arcane  Bible which allows us to think we understand what is truly important every day,  although this comprehension doesn’t really exist except for a few privileged beings, then the “equation” for the privileged appears………………,” “the more I understand, the more I seek, the more emptiness I find………. the more I understand, the more I seek, the more emptiness I find”.   This is the response to the non-response, it is the dissatisfaction of what we think we understand at times, that which we perceive but do not know, it is the response to the enjoyment of exploring an unknown city which we then possess, then…….. we already possess it……………..,  it is a beginning like any beginning, it is a path we do not follow and which we want to feel, each stone, each corner, with the dedication of one who deeply believes that “ it is not about possessing or understanding”……  there is no end,  only a constant beginning, ………. It only has to do with feeling ……….. as much as possible…………….