Contrasts Gallery

XYZ Design   (China)


Artwork No. 2

Coffee Table

Corset Shade with Pylon Stand Table Light (Yellow)

Design Dragon 2

Dongxi table

Hexagonal Table

Nine Dragon Candleholder

Single Dragon Candleholder

Sun Burst Peacock Feather Bed

Titanium Chair

Pag - 1 2

XYZ Design


2006 “XYZ Design: Re-Invention,” Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China & Beijing, China

2005 "Awakening: La France Mandarine," National Museum of Art, Beijing, China

2004 “Awakening: La France Mandarine,” Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

2001 “The Paper People,” Contrasts Gallery, Hong Kong

1999 The Gallery of Four Winds, Hong Kong

1998 Group exhibition, “The Oriental Curiosity: 21st Century Chinoiserie,” Paris, France

1998 Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris, France

1998 Galerie Patrick Fourtin, Paris, France

1997 “The Oriental Curiosity: 21st Century Chinoiserie,” Joseph Store, London, U.K