Contrasts Gallery

No. 181 Middle Jiangxi Road, G/F
Shanghai, China 200002

T: +8621 6323 1989
F: +8621 6323 1989

Director: Pearl Lam

Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm



Pearl Lam chose to name her concept "Contrasts" because her philosophy is to celebrate and exaggerate differences. Founded in 1992, Contrasts Gallery from inception set itself the task to explore the relationships between art, architecture and design by fusing individual creative talents without prejudice.

Pearl Lam's mission was to take Western and Eastern influences on art and design and create a new aesthetic. She began to show antiques before they were called design alongside the most cutting-edge design of today before it was called art. Refuting the superiority of fine art over decorative art is a Chinese tradition.

CHINA . . . a society which turned the written word itself into the most elevated of art forms and used that calligraphic aesthetic to create a complex whole connected by a sophisticated political and symbolic abstract spirituality.

Pearl Lam has evolved Contrasts Gallery to be at the forefront of a cultural phenomenon creating a Chinese centered renaissance - a post revolutionary environment in which artistic language is the communication mode that integrates global divergences and differences.

In 21st century renaissance, Chinese modernity merges with tradition in a post Blade Runner city mega metropolis. Shanghai is the center of an electro DECO revolution . . . it is the first 21st century boundary urban space station. China has reconstructed the deconstructivist urbanist experience and created an environment where traditional values are preserved by being reinvented rapidly & radically.

Arriving at the dawn of the 21st century in Shanghai, Contrasts Gallery stepped firmly into the new art world to confront the now past century's nostalgia of art and design and to challenge precepts.

Through the network of "Contrasts Gallery Consulates" Pearl Lam's universe liberates and assimilates tradition in a vision of the world that creates a narrative of thought via the talents of individual artists who are committed to make our world sparkle together in a multitude of synthetic facets.

Contrasts Gallery artists includes: XYZ Design, Chen Changwei, Andre Dubreuil, Shao Fan, Borek Sipek, Xue Tao, WOKmedia, Luo Xu, among others.

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