Artco Galeria de Arte

Roaud y Paz Soldan 325. San Isidro
Lima 27. Peru

T: (51-1)221-3579

Director: Silvia Ana Cabieses

Mon through Fri, 11am - 8pm
Sat, 4pm - 8pm



Since it initiated its activities in November of 2000, ARTCO Gallery and consultancy of art, has maintained a constant work oriented to the diffusion of the Peruvian art, centering its interest in the last tendencies of the contemporary art and in the promotion of emerging artists. ARTCO has always presented works of an extensive expression media range, from painting and sculpture to photography, working with artists that use the most diverse media including those that they have an implication in the technological environment with audiovisual, multimedia, etc.

Besides the expositions that periodically carries out, ARTCO develops an art consultancy program with the desire and the constant purpose to incorporate the new tendencies in the visual arts.

Located in the heart of San Isidro (Lima-Peru), ARTCO occupies a house especially designed for the activities of the gallery, with three rooms for expositions and spaces of permanent exhibition of works of art. It dedicates a space especially designed for the sale of works in small format, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, graphic work and pieces of art, offering the possibility of acquiring a work of art to increase your collection or to make a very special gift.

In this manner ARTCO manages to have a place referencial inside the Peruvian and Latin-American artistic medium for the appreciation and acquisition of works of art.

ARTCO artists include: Rhony Alhalel, Jose Luis Arbulu, Carolina Bazo, Patricia Eyzaguirre, Paola Denegri, Walter Carbonel, Luis Castellanos, Elda di Malio, Olga Elgelmann, Toto Fernandez, Monica Gonzalez, Carmen Letts, Anamaria Mc Carthy, Luz Negib, Ana de Orbegoso, Hernan Pazos , Eduardo Ponce, Moises Quintana, Eugenio Raborg, Venancio Shinki, Aldo Shiroma, Eduardo Tokeshi, Natalia Velit, Patricia Villanueva, Ricardo Wiese and Juliana Zevallos, among others.

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