Jose Carlos  Ortiz Fernandez (Spain)
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 Descanso al atardecer 

 Después de la tormenta en Favaritx 

 Dia de nieve por el Bonillo 

 Dibujo 1 

 Dibujo 2 (en ejecución) 

 Divertimento 1 

 Divertimento 2 

 El precio de la libertad 

 En Menorca 1 

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Jose Carlos Ortiz

Painter born in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real). He studied at the Facultad de Bellas Artes at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and at the San Carlos de Valencia, being also a regular at the Escola D'Art of this city. He is part of the mail art movement.

Academic of Honor in Beautiful Arts and possession of the Great Necklace of Donatello by the Academy "Il Marzocco" of Florence-Italy.
Member of the Academy Of the Arts of France Belongs to the Plastic Federation the International of Artist ACEA´S- Barcelona and to numerous artistic associations of America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Co-founder of the Group "x_el_Arte".

He has more than a hundred participations in individual and group exhibitions in the five continents. His works are in 35 virtual Galleries.

In possession of many artistic prizes. Some are: the Prize "Brindisi" de Oar Italy painting; the Medalle d´Argent in Beziers-France; the Prize the painting International"Conectarte"-Cordoba-Spain; Medal of argent in ANAP (Brazil), etc

His works in the world of the Arts have been published in studies on painting, as well as in books and dictionaries of Art, specialized magazines, press, etc.

He has permanent emplacement in collections and museums, numerous deprived public in countries of Europe, America and Ásia.

In addition       
He has made graphic design, illustrations for books and stories, murals for public and deprived organizations, etc. He belongs to the European Union of Experts of Art of Spain and Italy. He is mail-artist from year 1,989.