Joao  Werner (Brazil)
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 Nymph and Satyr 

 Nymph and Satyrs 

 On the side of the river 




 Satyr and nymph 

 Scattering coffee beans 

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Joao Werner

Brazil. October 27, 1962

I have been working for 25 years (1982) either with paintings or sculptures. I began making wood engraving and afterwards I learned the various techniques, specially the sculpture using cement and oil on screen. Despite being much different in the way of expressing, I feel very comfortable at both of them.

I have recently begun trying digital arts, directly made through softwares on a microcomputer. I consider it significantly similar to the traditional painting techniques. On several occasions, it seems to me that a digital painting was made with brush and ink, for instance. I am not either a traditional or an apocalyptical admirer. I believe that the traditional techniques shall live together with the new digital techniques, as it appears to have happened since always on the history of arts.

My activity is all of it based on how do I imagine and feel the human being. I am not able to work upon order, unless such order consists of total freedom. I am not able to dream of other people's dreams. And, besides my paintings seem to say the opposite, I do not make social denouncement art. I define the work I make as a result of shaken imagination, that is, as the consequence of the attention I pay to the images flow passing by, emotionally dyed by the human tragedy, poverty and work.


Joao Werner is a graduate in Plastic Arts from Sao Paulo Faculdade Santa Marcelina, class of 1989. Holds a Master Degree in Communication and Semiotics from PUC - Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Sao Paulo, class of 1994.
Worked at UEL - Londrina State University and UNOPAR - University of the North of the Parana, as a professor for the courses of Arts Education, Architecture and Industrial Design. In the city of Sao Jose dos Campos (SP), was also a teacher for the courses of Architecture and Publicity and Advertisement at UNIVAP - University of the Valley of the Paraiba, from 1991 to 2001. Also held the position of Academic Coordinator for the Course of Publicity. No plastic work was made during this academic phase. Worked as a critique of art for Folha de Londrina – a press agency, from March 1989 to October 1991. Published nearly 70 articles, with emphasis on the local and northern Parana art.

Produced five works of great dimensions:
1) Engraved wood mural "Allegory to life in a 'Place with no name' ", 236' x 118', From July 1982 to December 1983, in Ibipora (Brazil).
2) Concrete mural "Shikasta" (frontal). 157' x 78'. From November 1985 to January 1986, in Ibipora (Brazil).
3) Concrete sculpture "Monument to the Rural Worker" (currently in place unknown). 39' x 39' x 98'. From July to December 1986, in Cambe (Brazil).
4) Wooden sculpture 'Dead Christ'. 31' x 23' x 78'. From October 1987 to April 1988, in Nossa Senhora da Paz Church, Ibipora (Brazil).
5) Concrete Sculpture 'Abstract'. 31' x 31' x 59'. From June to September 1987, Londrina (Brazil).

Recent Exhibitions

2010, november 08 - Et in Arcadia Ego, 15 digital paintings, Galeria João Werner, Londrina, Brazil.
2009, november 06 - "The lamb anticipates the wolf", 13 digital paintings, Vila Cultural Cemiterio de Automóveis, Londrina, Brazil.
2008, september 12 - "Ugly, dirty and nasty". 11 digital paintings, Londrina, Brazil.
2010, may - 'Work on Display 2010 - Juried Online Annual of Contemporary Art', Artoteque Gallery, London.
2010, april - 'Ultraviolence',
2010 - Digital Art Extravaganza, Limner Gallery, 123 Warren Street, Hudson, NY, de 1 a 24 de abril.
2009 - 2009 Fall/Winter Show, The American Juried Art Salon, Dallas, Texas.
2009 - LACDA 2009, "DigitalArt.LA". Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, Los Angeles (CA).
2008 - 3rd Prize in Engraving in 1ª Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporânea com "Raíz en la Tierra", Chapingo, México.
2007 - 6ª Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Fortezze da Basso, Firenze, Italia, de 1 a 9 de dezembro. Expostas 26 gravuras digitais.
2007, December - 6th. International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Florence, Italy.
2007, October - "Digital Art", at Ambientare Gallery, Londrina, Brazil.
2007, September - "Ashes", at Museum of Contemporary Art, Londrina, Brazil.
2007 - WEB Biennal 2007, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey.
2005, August, "Individual Exhibition", at Mali Villas Boas Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2005, August - Ist. Brazilian Circuit of Arts, at Estoril Congress Center, Estoril, Portugal.