Gjergj  Shoshi (Albania)

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 boy and dolphin 

 boy with ball 

 boy with dog 

 boy with trumpet 

 girl and goat 


 horseman of tower 

 ma liang-magic brush 

 throwing stars 

Gjergj Shoshi

Events of the past suggest particular mythical figures,which trigger my fantasy and push me towards creating symbolic characters that speak of the past,present and the human's dream.

education: 1993 artistic lyceum "jordan misja"
                1997 academy of arts (graduated for painting and artistic graphic)
                1997 course of calligraphy - Marseille - France

solo exhibitions: 2003 national gallery of arts-Tirana-Albania

international graphic exhibitions :
                        2006 Cracow - Poland
                        2006 Bitola - R.Macedonia
                        2005 Gyor - Hungary
                        2005 Cremona - Italy
                        2005 Sofia - Bulgaria
                        2003 Cracow - Poland
                        1998-2002 Vaasa - Finland

group exhibitions :
                        2010 "Onufri"the national exhibition of albanian artists - Tirana-Albania
                        2004 "Postalbania"-recent art of ages of Europe - Kunstraum-Germany
                        1999 "Kosova XXI" art exhibition - gallery XXI- Tirana-Albania
                        1998 "Atelier 109" exhibition of young artists- the national gallery of arts-Tirana-Albania
                        1998 "gallery XXI" 5 young artists-Tirana-Albania
                        1997 "Onufri"the national exhibition of albanian artists-Tirana-Albania
                        1997 "the days of youth" center of culture-Tirana-Albania